Fluke TL26A 60 inch 5-Way Test Lead Set

Fluke TL26A 60 inch  5-Way Test Lead Set
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Product Description

5 ways to connect: U-shaped nose for blade-shaped terminals; Notched jaw for gripping screw heads, bare wire or terminals; Serrated teeth for gripping threaded or wire-wrapped terminals; Cluster of sharp needles for piercing small gauge (#22-#28 AWG) wires; Large piercing needle for penetrating larger gauge wires.

60" (1.5m), silicone-insulated leads, useable from -80C to +150C (-112F to +302F). Rated for 30V, 10A. One red, one black.

Model Name Description Buy it TL26A TL26A 60 in. 5-Way Test Lead Set

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